25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have lot of stress due to family problems. How can I overcome it?

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Answer: Meditation helps keep one calm and with day to day stress... You may talk to a trusted friend or family member about your problems, alternatively please seek counseling if you are too stressed out.
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Question: I have more stress how to overcome it.My family situation is like that.now 9 th month of pregnancy
Answer: Stress can affect your health as well your baby's..at this time leave everything and think only about you and your baby..this is the time you along with your partner can decide on some names to keep for baby..go on shopping for the new born..do some planning like what all you both want to do with your baby etc...these are the few small things which can help you to keep away all your stress..
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Question: I'm 4 month pregnant, I have lots of stress because of family problems. I know it hurts the baby also but I can't control it .how to I overcome from tension, stress pls give some advice to me
Answer: 1. Take deap breath 2. avoid such situations. 3. Go for some walk 4. Do breathing exercize which ll keep u more relaxed. Like anulom bilom, bramhri, bhastrika
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Question: I have lot of stress. What shall I do? How to overcome my stress??
Answer: Spend time with your hubby and share your problem.. you may go out for a change.
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