7 months old baby

Question: I have lot of breasts milk but after 5 day i have to join my job , how i can manage with full of breast milk? Please suggest

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Answer: Use breast pads which are available online and in the garment store also. U can use breast pump also.
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Question: When my baby reach 5 .5 months i have to join my job, how can I manage by my baby whether pumping and storing breast milk is good or can I try formula milk? Now I am feeding breast milk only? Kindly suggest?
Answer: Hello Dear, Breastmilk is best for your baby. I'm also working mom and faced similar situation. So, my doctor advised me to pump and store the milk. You can store breastmilk in normal room temperature for 6 hrs and in refrigerator for 12 hrs. Everytime you use the stored milk, place it in room temperature first for atleast 20 mints so that the temperature become tolerable to the child. Dont give the chilled milk to the baby. Hope this will help you. 💓
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Question: When i dont feed my baby for long hour i feel my breast paining and full of milk what sould i do i have to join job and my breast get bigger after delivery
Answer: Hello! This is common in new mothers. You can start the habit of using breast pump to express excess milk produced. This way stock will be created and can be given to baby when you are at office. Breast milk can be stored upto 6 months in freezer. As for the pain and full of milk, this will continue for some more days. As the baby will turn 3 months, your body will understand the requirement and produce less milk. Take care
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Question: I want to stop giving breast milk slowly to my baby as i want to join job . But i have breast milk very much...after every 2 hours it fills up and flows directly...plz suggest how should i reduce it ..as it pains A lot when breast milk is full.
Answer: Hi...please don't worry...u can use breast pump in this case...it is very helpful... breast pump helps in pumping the breast and squeeze the milk from it and u can store it and can feed ur baby later on...electric one is best...i too have used it ..take care
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