6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: ,,,,i have little pain in my stomach is it normal

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Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, mild stomach pain happen due to stretching of muscles, it is normal, if you have severe pain please consult doctor
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Question: I am getting pain in my stomach is it normal
Answer: Hello sis. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you are doing well. This is quiet common during pregnancy. I also gone through such pain. my doctor said it is due to baby size increasing. This is a good sign as the baby is growing well 😊. So my doctor advise me to do warm compress. And sit by keeping legs up. It did give me some relief. Not complete. But try this. Surely some comfort u will get. Hope sister dis advice will help u.
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Question: Is it danger or normal, i have got blood bleeding in my underwear some little drops
Answer: Congratulations Dear sometimes it does happens but you should consult ur doctor so that there wont b any complications . Tc of urself
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Question: I have pain in my stomach. Is it normal?
Answer: Dear as you are in your early pregnancy so don't worry it's very very normal just take Complete bedrest you will feel better...
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