33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have light and sharp pain at lower abdomen its normal? Now am 32 week

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Answer: Hello mam, It's normal in pregnancy as your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding. Your body is stretching this may cause a little or sometime sharpen the pain. Gas can also cause abdominal pain it may stay at one area or travel from left to right or back and chest. Try eating small and several meals throughout the day and drink lots of fluids. Light walk may also help to reduce the pain avoid junk and fries foods as much as u can.
Answer: It's normal nothing to worry about it.baby puts pressure in pelvis area so it creates pain.
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Question: Hiii I am 14 week pregnant before 2-3 days I vomit and today I have slight pain in my lower abdomen on the left side
Answer: When Increase in pregnancy your baby weight is also increasing this baby weight put pressure on your lower abdomen. Now you should walk more be more active. you should do your household chores do not sit long hours at oneone place. this is lower down the pain
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Question: Having lower abdomen pain and back pain ...is this normal
Answer: Yes its normal during pregnancy so dont worry about it maintain a well balanced diet drink lots of water stay hydrated and walking daily for half hour will help take care
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Question: I am seven weeks pregnant and have frequent stool and pain in lower abdomen what can I do?
Answer: Loose motion is not good during pregnancy especially in early weeks. take complete rest and eat light food. Also drink lots of water throughout the day hope that will help. You can see a cup of ginger water to get relief from loose motion and please maintain light diet only. Take care.
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