1 months old baby

Question: I have less breast milk n I can feed my baby twice a day with it. Can I feed her with formula rest of the time? Or should I feed only formula to her? Will feeding both affect her growth?

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Answer: No dear, u can feed both bm and formula milk, consult ur paediatrician for which formula should use, for the first time check if baby has any reactions, if ur has vomitings or motions or gas stop using it, if ur baby is fine after feeding continue it.
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Question: Hi, My baby girl will turn 4 months old on 8th May. Since few dats she is frequently asking for feeds. I have enough breast milk and I am feeding her only that. My husband bought a pacifier for her ( Chusni). Shall we start using it? Does it have any side effects?
Answer: Hello dear... now baby teething has started so baby wants to chew something . you should give pacifier but it should be without honey. in this time you should give teether too this is very good for teething time it massage your baby gums .
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Question: My daughter is 9month old generally I feed her twice with solids in morning and night... She poops 3 times or more some times!! Can I start feeding her thrice in morning afternoon and evening?? Please help me
Answer: Dear baby needs you feed 4-6 time along with semi solid food . First give food after that offer your milk. You should give 2-3 serving of food in day.
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Question: I have heard many breast feeding stories that many women can lactate..so how to be ready to produce more milk for a baby being a pregnant
Answer: It depends upon women to women. Some women start having leaky breasts from 3rd trimester,some just after delivery some after few days of delivery
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