36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have leg pain below knee portion while i sleep...what can i do am unable to sleep due to this...and when i wake up and sit straight it gradually decreases but then again on sleeping it starts.

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Answer: Congratulations on yourpregnancy.Leg pains are due to strain and baby weight.Do not stand for more time. Always sit with support for legs. Before going to bed, you can put your legs in warm water for some time. This can help reduce pains by improving blood flow. Put some support under legs while sleeping. If pains does not come down or you find other symptoms please contact doctor.Take care
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Question: Is it ok to sleep straight in 8 th month I try to sleep on sides but I gradually end up sleeping straight as i am used to hope it will not harm the baby
Answer: Hello dear.. it is better to sleep side in pregnancy especially left side, because it will increase more blood to umbilical cord ,in which all nutrients are passed to your baby To control turning straight,keep a pillow between your legs,knee bent will helps you lot
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Question: From when on should i sit and then change positions while sleeping?? Or is it normal to just roll over??
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in changing position while lying down, you need not change positions while sitting. Take care
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Question: hi all, I m 6 month pregnent & suffering from lot of both leg & knee pain, due to this I m unable sit on leg. pls suggest
Answer: don't sit for long..take walks in between or lie down in between. get massages and do tell doc during your next visit..
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