3 months old baby

Question: I have learnt that during my delivery all my blood which is supposed to remove during right after child birth is not done properly and some are left inside. But iam getting my period now . Will there b any future complications like womb cancer or uterus ?

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Answer: If you are getting your periods on regular basis, no need to worry.
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Question: Hello docter currently iam not pregnant.. From last three years I have suffered from 3 missed miscarriage and all of my test are done like torch, chromosomal study of feotus, phospholipids, coagulation, all reports are normal.. So any one Plz suggest what is a problem with my pregnancies..in all d/c are done... After 8 weeks heart beat get stop.. Last abortion is one year ago.. Can I plan again...plz answer some one
Answer: Hi im a not a doctor though i hd faced the similar problem last December it was my pregnancy n unfortunately ended up as a missed abortion.. if ur from bangalore kindly visit chanre rheumatology., immonology centre and research centre.. it could be due to blood clotting the babys heartbeat fail to persist which is an immonology disorder in mothers body and by gods grace can be treated.
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Question: Hello I'm in big trouble plz help Me SIR I'm 15weak pregnant during this pregnancy I'm taking some tablet for abortion for that I take cyclofort, and also cyclonorm e &p tablet during this Time now my abortion not done and Dr. said after 15 week pass we can't abort so plz tell me if I'm giving the birth to this child is safe Means this tablet are harm my baby inside plz tell?
Answer: Hello! Please consult some other doctor immediately. As you still have time, and it is always better to take an expert's opinion. Right now your priority is to immediately consult another good doctor.
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Question: 6th month is running for me. During night iam not at all getting sleep. Early mornings only iam getting little bit sleep. So much back ache is also comming...i cant move freely from left to right. Tell me any suggestion how to sleep properly during its disturbing a lot
Answer: Sleep when ever u get sleep.back pain is common increase calcium intake.
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