32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have itchy red bumps on my belly...It has pain also... help me plz

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Answer: Apply coconut oil very often, in pregnancy hormone chage can give acne in where
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Question: I have very itchy belly with red small bumps what can i do to prevent itching
Answer: Hello This is so common. You need to moisturise your belly so properly. Also apply coconut oil before taking bath. Try not to scratch the area as it will cause marks to appear on your belly. You can also boil some neem leaves and allow it to cool down. And just wash it after lathering your body wih soap. Wear loose cotton comfy clothes. Polyster or any uncomfortable clothes will cause the problem more worse. I had also tried the Palmers pregnancy wash and that has helped me alot with the irritation. Hope this helped you alot
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Question: I'm a exclusively breastfeeding mother. I have red itchy bumps on my chest. It's very itchy, once o scratch it spreads. Pls help with some remedy
Answer: That is because of dryness dear. Wipe gently with wet cloth whenever it is itchy let it dry then apply caladryl lotion. It helps to sooth the irritation and itching. Don’t ever scratch it.take care
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Question: I have some red bumps on my wrist..itsvery itchy..plz share any home remedy.
Answer: Hi dear, This seems to be the sign of cholestasis.pkease donot wait but check with your doctor soon.
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