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Question: I have itching in my stitches ...c section delivery

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Answer: When you had your delivery ???
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Question: Hi I had c section delivery now I have itching on my stitches what I can do for that
Answer: Hello mom It is common thing happen to every women, don't rub your skin, it will so sensitive in these days, take it easy, apply an ice pack,wash cleanly, maintain hygiene, protect the stitch area with basic wound dressing clothes, you may get some relief, if you feel more itching consult your doctor so that they check whether is there any infection in that area Take care
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Question: I had C-section and i have removed my stitches,i have itching in that areas,why?
Answer: Hi, It is normal to experience itchingduring the healing process. Be careful about scratching because you want to avoid infection. If you have bothitching and numbness, it is possible to hurt yourself from scratching. ... Theitching can also be caused by the pubic hair growing back if it was shaved just before the surgery.
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Question: I have c section delivery 3rd august.i have pain in stitches and backache.what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear you need to keep your stitches absolutely clean.. And if there is any swelling or blood then see your gynaecologist immediately, it might be an infection.. For back ache use heating pad..
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