32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have itching in my entire body. Is it normal?

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Question: Hi, i have itching in entire body and itching is more during night time. Please suggest
Answer: Hello! mild itching is normal..it is because of the increased blood supply to the skin..you can control itching by doing these things *apply coconut or olive oil 3 to 4 times a day on itchy area *wear loose comfy(cotton)clothes * Avoid hot baths. Hope it will help you
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Question: Entire body is itching and tiny boils have developed...please help
Answer: Hi mam when there is lack of water level in your body that may cause dryness in skin and it will cause itching and as this is a summer the high heatness can also cause the the tiny boils or heat rashes in body so please try to keep the body temperature cool and also the water level stable drink at least three to five litres of water per day and also take more water rich fruits like watermelon pomegranate muskmelon cucumber this helps to increase the water level in the body and also it will reduce the itching you can also take aloe vera juice with curd or buttermilk that helps to stabilize the metabolism of the body and also it will reduce the itching don't sleep on bed you can use mat or cotton sheet to sleep on heat boils you can apply Sandalwood paste and wash it after 10 to 15 minutes that helps to reduce the heat rashes
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Question: My eighth month is going on and I have so much itching in my whole body..... Is it normal....?
Answer: Hi! Itching is caused to dryness and overflow of blood at this time as your skin keeps stretching, Apply lotions or coconut oil you should get relief. Report this to Doctoe he might suspect for some liver test for bile acid but if thats normal it can be hormonal issues. Every pregnancy is different every body every hormones play too...check with ur gynae still if everything is normal only thing I can say is not to worry Ur baby is fine it's just Ur hormones. And it will vanishe the moment baby is born...things that can help you is taking bath twice a day esp before bedtime,apply good moisturizer,staying in a cool room temp,drink loads of water fresh juices. Good luck!
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