7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have concieved in ivf treatment , will my baby be normal as others , 6 week pregnant

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Answer: Furthermore, staying in regular touch with the doctor keeps the would-be mother aware of the minutest symptoms and helps early detection of factors that may pose a threat to pregnancy. Tips for prospective mothers: 1) If you experience any unfavorable symptoms, inform your doctor immediately. Apart from medical care, personal care should also be taken care of. Having a nutritious diet full of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and iron will do good to you and your baby. Refraining from unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol or caffeinated products is advised. 2) In addition, pay special attention to your body. If you feel weak, tired or lethargic, take a nap as and when required to refresh yourself during the exhausting weeks of pregnancy. 3) Any small episodes of bleeding along with spotting, cramps or lower abdomen pain should be noted and reported to your obstetrician immediately. However, if mild spotting (implantation bleeding) is observed in the first few weeks of pregnancy, it should be watched carefully and if it’s repeated, then follow up with your doctor. 4) Avoid having intercourse throughout IVF pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy weeks. 5) If you are very cautious about your pregnancy, wait until your first antenatal scan is done. An antenatal scan helps in examining your baby’s heartbeat rate, detection of chromosomal abnormalities (Down syndrome), development of the baby, images of the gestational sac, ovaries, and possibility of miscarriage. 6) In the first trimester, eat small frequent meals instead of 3 large ones to avoid morning sickness. Drink plenty of fruit juices and coconut water for proper hydration. 7) You can do yoga, meditation or breathing exercises to keep you active throughout the day. Most importantly, I would advise all expecting mothers to stay positive and enjoy the journey of becoming a mother because you have worked hard to get here!