16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have heavy pain in belly button .. is it normal in 4th month of pregnancy

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Answer: Mild pain is normal dear but heavy pain is not good ..it's better to consult with your doctor once
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Question: In my 34th week and experiencing pain to the right end of belly button while I cough or stretch. Is it normal mummas ?
Answer: Hi dear, it is normal.as pregnancy grows uterus stretches ligaments of the umbilical ligament and puts pressure on umbilicus causes pain.not to worry.if it is severe keep applying warm compression and take paracetamol tablet.take care
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and I am getting mild pain in my belly button only in my belly button 'no stomach pain . Please help me to relieve this pain and is this a symptom of miscarriage?? I'm so scared
Answer: It is normal as your baby is growing...but it is always advisable to ask to your doctor
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Question: I have a feel like something attached on my right abdomen near to belly button but it is not paining..is it normal during early pregnancy?
Answer: Yew dear you can feel stomach and Back pain during early pregnancy . This is just due to increase hormone level . You should take more rest this Pain will going to slow
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