22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have heard that eating pomegranate in pregnancy can leads to dark complexion of baby. is it true

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Answer: Hi dear Your diets will never affects babies complexion or skin tone...its safe inside your sac bag and only the nutrients goes to baby via placenta Actually pomegranate are veru good diet during pregnancy as it imoroves blood flow to baby and refreshes your blood cellz...also pomegrate are rich in iron which helps to maintain your HB level which ia important at preganacy and delivery time
Answer: Hello dear, pomegranate juice may help to prevent preterm birth issue, and help to increase hemoglobin during pregnancy. So it's good in pregnancy. And I never heard any relation with baby complaxtion.
Answer: maybe me too heard so but what science says is complexion depends on parents and pomegranate is good source to enhance blood....so u can have it😉
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Question: can i take pomegranate in the 6th and 7th month of pregnancy? I because 8 heard that baby become dark complexion inside the womb? or in which months of pregnancy i cannot take pomegranate?
Answer: Hello Dear it is all myth only yur genes effect baby colour and nothing else. Pomegranate is very good in pregnancy yu can eat or drink juice throughout yur pregnancy. It is great source of iron n relieve constipation these two are very important in pregnancy. So dear without tension have pomegranate no problem absolutely safe. Take care
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Question: I have heard that consumption of mayonnaise is not good in pregnancy...is it true?
Answer: Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant but today suddenly current shock in right heand is any problems from me plzzz reply
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Question: I have heard eating jamun makes the color of the baby dark .. is it true or a myth..??
Answer: Hello dear. No this is just a myth. The complexion of the foetus which is growing inside your womb will be a mixture of the genes from the father and mother and it has got nothing to do with your diet. Take care.
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