4 months old baby

Question: hii I have 3nd half month old baby ,he has loose motion now he is passing stool after I or two hrs but before he had a constipation,pls tell me what should I do now?

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Question: I have a boy of two days old....he is not passing stool bath...he just pass stool bath 2 times after his birth....what should I do????
Answer: Hi There are no hard and fast rules. In the early months it will depend on whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby. Breastfed babies who are not on solids may passstool four times a day or more, or only once every six to seven days. All variations between these extremes is considered normal as long as the stools are soft and your baby is gaining enough weight. Formula-fed babies normally need to poop every day to feel comfortable and avoid constipation. Lots of babies strain and cry a bit when they poo, but it doesn't mean there's a problem. As long as your baby's stool is soft and easy to pass, there's no cause for concern. 
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Question: Hii. I had bleeding during passing stool after delivery since two months. Now bleeding has stoped but there is itching after passing stool. How many days it will last n what to do
Answer: Hi! Pls hv more water, loads of veggies and fruits to ease your bowel movement, if the itching is in anus after passing stool it has nothing to do with the bleeding, it cud be due to constipation.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi. My delivery was on Feb 7th. I had a normal delivery. But after few days of my delivery I was suffering from constipation. Till now I am having severe pain before and after passing stool. I consulted a surgeon. He told that I am suffering from anal fissure. He prescribed me medicine but nothing is working. Plz tell me what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear, anal fissure after delivery is quite common. To treat an anal fissure at home: You can use stool softner. Drink more fluids Taking  more fiber rich food is good.such as raw fruits and vegetables. Taking a sitz bath to relax the anal muscles, relieve irritation, and increase blood flow to the anorectal area Applying a nitroglycerin ointment to promote blood flow to the area is effective. Applying topical pain relievers to the anus to ease discomfort If your symptoms aren’t relieved within two weeks of treatment, see your doctor for further evaluation. Your doctor can make sure you have the correct diagnosis and can recommend other treatments
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Question: Hi, my baby is one and a half month old, and is crying a lot from the last two days. Also he used to pass stool thrice or four times a day, but from the last two days he is passing stool only twice a day. Please tell me if there is any problem as the frequency of passing stool has decreased.
Answer: No, 10 stool a day or 1 stool in 10 days both are normal in kids. If frequency of stool has decreased, it's good. Now, he is able to digest more. Gas or colic may be a reason for his cry. Apply hing paste on his stomach and massage his stomach clockwise. Hope it will help the baby
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