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Question: I have had c section 15 days ago how many days it take to heel the stitches

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Answer: u will bcum normal within a month . After three months,external stiches with be completely healed..and after 6 months internal tears will be healed
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Question: I had c section delivery 19 days ago.. i feel pain on and around my stitches.. how long will it take for the pain to reduce??
Answer: Hi dear For c section it takes 1 month to heal outer stitch and around 2 months to get heal completely borh inner stitch and outer...do drink more water which helps to heal stitches and wounds as soon...avoid citrus diets as it may delay to heal wounds
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Question: 18 days ago i had c section delivery..how many days should i take rest properly??
Answer: hi dear you should take rest properly at least for one month after one month you can be very little active like you can do only your work, but don't you start doing household work, before starting any kind of household work you should wait for 2 to 3 months because your outer stiches may seem to be dried up but your inner sticges needs to get healed yet
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Question: I had c section before 40 days still i have internal pain many time.it is normal?how much time it will take utrus stiche taken to heel?
Answer: hello.. yes the pain is usually lasts for 4-6 weeks and proper rest is needed to heal that.. so thats y sleep whenever your baby sleeps..
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