3 years old baby

Question: I have had c-section 4 years back.I want to go for normal delivery now.Is it possible?

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Answer: Hello dear! Vbac( vaginal birth after c-section) is definitely a possibility. There are some criterias for it. Your scar thickness should be more than 4.5. You should not be having any complications in this pregnancy or atleast at the time of delivery. You should not have any recurrent indications. Your baby dropping and cervix dilation should occur on time. You should be maintaining this pregnancy with utmost care.
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Question: I had c-section for my first delivery due to low amniotic fluid is it possible to have normal delivery now
Answer: Hi dear glad to know you ar looking forward to normal delivery..well my own sister had normal delivery fee her first c section😃...it was in US ,not sure in India if they would try too.but yes it is possible..keep yourself well active..thts more than enough.have a positive outlook towards normal delivery 👍
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Question: I have had a c-section 3 years back.I am pregnant again.I would like to know is normal delivery possible now?
Answer: Hello dear!!Yes,vbac(vaginal birth after c-section) is possible if you do not have any recurrent indication,if your scar thickness is appropriate and if you do not have any complication in this pregnancy. Ofcourse the doctor will determine the risks involved ad then take a call whether c-section needs to be done or VBAC. But,yes normal delivery is very much possible in most cases after c-section with proper care!
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Question: My baby is in breech position..doctor adviced to go for c section but i want normal delivery..is it possible
Answer: Dear in breech position there s no chance of normal delivery. And normal delivery s not safe 4 u as well as baby .so dear take plenty of liquids nd water ,go 4 walk ,keep pillow under ur hips while sleeping if baby changes his position nd go in cehalic position thrn only normal delivery s possible otherwise in breech position c section s safe 4 u .try it
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