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Question: I have had c-section 1 months back,can I start exercising and doing household chores?

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Answer: It has only been 1 month since your c-section! You are strictly advised bedrest for 2 more weeks atleast . 6 weeks is the minimum rest time recommended for women post c-section! You must ask for help for household chores. Exercise should strictly start only 2 months after c-section(only light walks in the beginning) If you notice any swelling or pain in the suture area,report it to the doctor!
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    Madhumanti Mondal300 days ago

    Badshah Rosenberg Janaki

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    Donna Suri293 days ago

    Is walking allowed . Not lifting weights or exercise just regular walks

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    Binod Singh264 days ago

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    Alhan Rizo208 days ago

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    Rwituparna Bhattacharjee144 days ago

    Yes you can walk.exercise is not allowed now.. after few weeks...n house hold light works u can do but dnt hold heavy weight product n sll

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    Menaka Singh92 days ago

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Answer: No please ! No exercise for 4-6 months. I understand allopathy does not beleive in this. But let the body heal completely. Other wise you face problems later ! Do light household chores . Not very heavy. Rest a lot so that uterus settles in its position.
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Answer: No dear, u can't, you had c section not normal dilvery
Answer: After how many days we can start our daily chores
Answer: bacchon ko kaun sa bhojan Khilaya Jaaye
Answer: main baby ko massage Kaise karun
Answer: No three months rest
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Question: I had c section on 16th feb.can I start light exercises now.i have already started household chores but can I start exercising for 15-20 minutes?
Answer: No dear...After 6 month, you can start doing exercises. Abdominal exercises are good for the reduction of belly fat. Avoid carbohydrate foods and sweets and also avoid junk food and soft drinks. Gradually it will decrease.
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Question: I had a c section, when can I start exercising?
Answer: after 3 months of c-section delivery gradually you can start doing some polite exercise like brisk walking for 1 hour followed by surya namaskar Aasan. Then gradual you can include intense workout. Take care.
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Question: Which protein powder can consume during breastfeeding? I had c section and have not take any supplement yet. Now, I feel weakness while doing household chores.
Answer: Dear better to have D protein powder which contains less sugars helps during pregnancy and after delivery. have small and frequent meals, 3-5 times in a day.keep quick , easy snacks on hand such as nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, dries fruit.take more dairy products and more fresh vegetables and fruits.take more protein diet like egg, pulses and dal.take protein powder in milk twice daily.continue taking iron and calcium supplements daily till 6 months.take care
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