38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have got white watery discharge in small amounts especially in the morning... Is it normal?

3 Answers
Answer: Hi dear, it might be early signs of labour. Just consult your doctor, let them know about this. If the discharge is a bit more than normal white discharge then it could be water break.
Answer: Yes dear getting white discharge is a very normal to have in pregnancy but if was too much in quantity and thick Jelly kind of discharge it means that your cervix is getting dilated
Answer: Yes dear getting white discharges very normally pregnancy please don't worry when I was pregnant I also used to have this kind of discharge
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Question: Watery white vaginal discharge is it normal???
Answer: Yes its quiet common, i too faced this.. I was informed it's due to the harmonal changes in the body. Nothing to worry, it would settle down. Take care.
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Question: I'm in 34 th week pregnant... I have small white discharge like gel... Is it normal?
Answer: Yes in little amount nothing to worry.. If it is huge then u need to consult ur doctor
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Question: Till how much time bleeding occur after delivery.i had till 15 days but now having a watery discharge after that for last 15 days.Is it normal to have watery discharge in small amounts ? till how much time will it last ?
Answer: Yes dear.. It is normal..the bleeding should not last more than 60 days dear.
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