23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have got urine infection.. is it harmful for baby..

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Answer: Please don't worry it is common to experience urine infection during pregnancy and there are treatments available for it and treated case never affect the baby but how do you know about your urine infection have you got the urine test done or you are assuming it. if not please get the urine test done there are no home remedies for the urine infection so if you will get the urine in practice done will get to know about the microorganism involved and your doctor will give you the preferred medicine according to that Till then drink lots and lots of water and maintain the hygiene , make sure to clean the vaginal area every time you used in washroom from front to back
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    Tripti Pillai246 days ago

    I got to know through urine test.. now sample urine has been given for culture urine test n then further medications will b provided by my doctor.. actually pus cells count is 65-70.. thats y m worried.

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Question: urine infection during pregnancy is it harmful for baby.
Answer: If the UTI goes untreated, it may lead to a kidney infection. Kidney infections may cause early labor and low birth weight. If your doctor treats a urinary tract infection earlyand properly, the UTI will not cause harm to your baby.
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Question: hi, I am 25 weeks pregnant, I am having urine infection... is it harmful for baby
Answer: Hi, Yes indirectly your baby’s health is at stake as the infection left untreated can spread to kidney or can get into blood flow. However if proper medications are taken then there is nothing to worry. The functionality of kidney slows down during pregnancy therefore it's important to drink more water to prevent such infections
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Question: Plz tell me i have urine infection from last one month i have taken antibiotic tablet,i have stopped iron and calcium tablets due to urine infection,i have thyriod issue also.Now tell me is it harmful for my baby?
Answer: Hi dear dont worry if ur haemoglobin is more than 11 u dont need to take iron supplement.. take gd quantity of calcium food also ... If ur not taking calcium food ur baby will take calcium directly ftom ur body... Thats y u shud take calcisum at least weekly thrice or twice....
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Question: Hi madam, i have urine infection pus cells 10-12hpf is it harmful?
Answer: Hii the normal range of pus cells in the urine is 0-5...since the report suggests pus cells of 8-10 and bacteria is present, The following steps will help you *Drink plenty of water,Aim to drink 3.5 liters of water per day *Drink cranberry juice it will help against certain microbes from attaching *Do not hold urine in for too long and the urge to void comes you should void it at the earliest And if u get my answer usefull plzz click on heart button....and give me a like thanks
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