2 months old baby

Question: i have got periods @74 days after c section..& im nt breast feeding.& i pump & feed my baby..now my milk productn is low about only 10ml per day fr both breast..is t norml prds after 74days& wat to do increse breast milk for pumping

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Answer: Hello! Yes, there is nothing to worry about having periods after 74 days. To increase your milk production have a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water specially after and before pumping session. Make sure that you increase your skin to skin contact with the baby. This helps a lot in increasing the suply. Take care
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Question: Hibim nt geting much milk productn to feed my kid.... today i started giving him formula powder.... im very sad dat im nt able to feed hm...nd hez spiting off a vomit aftr every feed since 2 days...any tios to increase breast milk as enough for my kid and feeding tips too
Answer: hi dear first of all congratulation sir for the baby now to evaluate your supply you need to be observant about two things what is baby's weight if it is increasing it is wonderful and the pea count of the baby which has to be 8 to 10 times in 24 hours if that's also happening by having your breast milk only then there is no issue in your supply and you do not have to feel disheartened and as far as the vomiting is concerned in baby even if it is a plain milk or curd with milk or it's a spit up or a projectile vomit all are normal at this time of one month of age because it takes time for the babies food pipe to get matured whenever baby drinks milk there is some milk which is left out in the food pipe which comes in contraction of the stomach gas and comes out as vomit it will be alright with time you just need to ensure that you are boring the very well and keeping the baby upright for at least 15-20 minutes .. For increasing Breast Milk Supply 1. Satvarex powder twice with milk 2. Methi in any form- methi sabzi, methi seeds with water, kasuri methi, methi laddoo, methi pills 3. Lots of garlic in food and desi ghee 4. Lots of water. Min 1 glass before & after every bf 5. Daliya with milk or oats once atleast 6. Ajwain 7. Zeera and jaggery.. grind together and hv spoonful with milk twice a day 8. Masoor daal 9. Papaya and lots of baby latch as more the baby latches the more milk is produced by your body.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi, i got periods after 130 days of my c section delivery and baby is not feeding as well from last 1 month. Taking more formula milk and refuses breast milk. How to make him to feed again.
Answer: Hi Dear! More formula will definitely lower ur milk production and supply becz it basically on demand nd supply and if baby feeds thru bottle it wont happen but nothing is impossible if you hv the will dear.. It will be great if you can meet a lactation consultant and take cues but as far as i knw relactation is possible and you can successfully to your baby after a gap; I hope the below things will help you to relactate and pls let the baby latch latch and latch.. *Try garlic milk. Take few garlic pieces and boil in milk and have two times a day. This was an advice by my doctor to a fellow Mum and seemed very powerful. *Fenugreek tablets twice after every meal. *You can try methi leaves, dill , garlic, methi+ajwaine+dried suva water, and eat properly all fruits and greens and lots and lots of water. This all helps to keep up the supply. So be positive and don't stress 😊 Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 4 months old. Iam pumping milk once 3 hrs about 4oz. Now milk supply got reduced and struggling to get 4oz per feeding. I got my periods 2 days back. Is this because of my periods or the frequency of pumping milk. Pls suggest
Answer: Hello! Direct nursing is important to keep the supply. Keep on feeding the baby and pumping alternatively. Also do drink lots of water. During this period your body requires more water then usual. However, it has been seen that there is reduction in the milk supply during periods. So don't take stress or it will effect the supply more
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