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Question: I have got miscarriage on this 22nd Oct. I dint know the reason. It's really broke me down. I want to get conceive again in this 1month. Can i get a best suggestion??

Answer: Hi dear, I am really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Don't get sad. And don't rush into next pregnancy. Wait to get 2 months normal period then plan for next pregnancy. All the best
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Question: I have got recently miscarriage now i want conceive again plz tell me what i can do
Answer: Sorry for your loss. I can understand how tough it must be for you. Generally miscarriages in first trimester do not have any particular reason. If it's your first pregnancy it becomes difficult to analyse reasons. But most of the mothers will face this in first pregnancy. My first pregnancy terminated in third month without any signals. Now I have a sweet child. Rest well. Take care of your health. You will have a cute baby soon. You need a gap of minimum six months. Take care
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Question: I want to get pregnant bt i had a miscarriage on 22 may what is the right tym to conceive
Answer: Actually it is little difficult to say because some doctors are telling to try as soon as possible while some doctors are telling to wait till 3 months. Typically, sex is not recommended for two weeks after a miscarriage to prevent an infection. Talk to doctor about any recommendations or restrictions. Your period will likely return within six weeks; however, it's possible to become pregnant if you have sex before your period returns
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Question: I had a miscarriage in Oct. The reason of miscarriage was growth. Now I want to ask from u how can I secure my next pregnancy from miscarriage
Answer: Plz check ur blood test... i hav also same problem.. after first abortion dr suggest me to take bloodtest. i hav infection of toxoplasma igm.. now i have one baby girl...
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