14 months old baby

Question: I have got cuts around my nipples as baby bites a lot while breastfeeding..there is little pus like discharge from one cut..can any one suggest me some cream or any home remedy to treat it?

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Answer: how you can apply nipple cream Himalaya nipple cream is the best
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Question: How to cure cut nipples. cut is increasing day by day. It cause severe pain while breastfeeding. I used nipcare cream but it is not effective. Please suggest me if there is any home remedy.
Answer: Hi if you care cream is not being a useful for you you can try applying Lansinoh cream it is also good and you can also apply your breast milk on the cuts nipple and make it a dry and then feed again but you are your baby is latch needs to be corrected it is because of your baby is latch that you are getting frequent cuts on your nipple so please do consult a lactation consultant and check the baby is latch the quotation consultant will help you with cues which you can apply on the baby to help the baby correct the latch. Hope this helps!
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Question: I feel pain in nipples while breastfeeding plz suggest some cream or home remedy. Nipples became cracked with some redness on the tip.
Answer: Hie Cracked or bleeding nipples are usually the result of an improper latch,the baby may not be getting enough of the areola in her mouth Also, whenever you pull your baby off the breast, insert your pinky into the corner of her mouth first to break the seal. Apply a hot compress on your breast just before feeding to help milk let down you may as well have a warm drink like a glass of water ,milk or green tea Applying breast milk onto cracked nipples may help them heal by offering antibacterial protection Wipe your breast with plain water post feeding as it may cause yeast build up Wipe it with water and apply green tea bags . You can consult your pediatrician to recommend creams for soothing sore nipples, and you can wipe it away just before a feeding you can continue to breastfeed your baby when you have cracked or bleeding nipples, though it can be very painful.  If your problem is severe with cracked nipples, see your pediatrician or a certified lactation consultant to help you with proper feeding position and latch .
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Question: Hey I have both nipple cracked Bcz of breastfeeding, plz suggest some home remedy, pain lot while breastfeeding
Answer: You can use nipcare cream and apply it on that area... You can also apply oil
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Question: Message by Raashi Gaur: Hello dear ladies...as my little one is teething he bites the nipples badly...infact one of the nipples seems to have a cut...what do I do as he gets pacified only by suckling?
Answer: Hello dear Nipple shield is good if u are having cracked or sore nipples and u are not able to breastfeed ur baby. It is a short term plan but dont make it a habit otherwise it can interfere with ur baby's breastfeeds, reducing the amount of milk she can take from your breast.
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