21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have gone anamoly scan yesterday.. doctor found an two bright teen spot found in baby's heart septum..other cardian functions and other organs are quite normal.After hearing this spot,I got worried . Doctor asked me to take blood test to find if any malinfection /auto immune system flaws..The report will come after 1 week ..But I am affraid and restless..

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Question: This was a first iui cycle. We found out we are having twins on 6weeks 1 day, on (21/5), the heart beat of one baby was strong and another one was not clear, doctor told it can pick up. Yesterday at 6 weeks 3 days, i had a bleeding, just a little brown clot, and nothing after that, i was afraid that i got miscarried, and today 6weeks 4 days (24/5 ) we went for an ultrasound to confirm what happened. We were able to c one baby's breast beat clearly and other was not clear. Even the yolk sac was not clearly visible and could not hear heart beat. The doctor told the other baby might pickup or it may not, and told to come for ultrasound after a week, did anyone had such experience? Anyone heard heartbeat lately? Is that blood clot normal? Or i really miscarried my one baby?
Answer: Hello. Yes bleeding or spotting is quite normal . Even though normally heart beat is heard between 6-7 week s it can come as late as 10weeks . It is too early to tell about the second baby you keeping calm and having a positive mind will help your baby. You stressing over it can have only bad effects.
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Question: Bright teen spot in baby's heart septum..got worried ..all other cardiac functions and other organs are quite normal
Answer: Hi! Fetal Echocardiogenic Foci are common findings and are commonly seen inside heart chambers during routine fetal heart scanning, the left ventricle is most frequent location, Although they probably represent a normal variant of papilary muscle development, they should be monitered as a possible risk of congenital heart defect. Hope this helps!
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