20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have gestational diabetics...I control my sugar bt sometimes it's high...my dietitian suggest take small meal bt I feel very hungry...is there any problem in delivery?...is delivery is normal or C section? after delivery changes of diabetic is more or gone after delivery?..plz help me what can I do

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Answer: delivery will depends on babys weight,position and ur health condition at the time of delivery.. control ur diabetics as much as u can so that it doesn't effect ur baby or u..
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Question: if sugar is high is there in any problem in baby or c section delivery
Answer: Hello dear. Gestational diabetes is a condition in which a women without diabetes, will have higher blood sugar in pregnancy. Please don't get worried dear, It will not harm your baby ,if you maintain a steady amount of sugar in your blood.with proper diet and exercise it can be controlled,and you will produce a healthy baby.... These are few stragies can be followed to control blood sugar Limit the intake of corbohydrate in your diet , avoid to have white rice ,you can have rice in millet varieties Include more proteins in your diet,that includes dairy products,lean chicken, fish , lentils, nuts and seeds Take lot of vegetables in your diet, avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes , peas ... Because it will increase the sugar level. Intake of fiber rich fruits like apples,pears , guava will help a lot Avoid sugar, caffeine, soft drinks, pastries,oil fried food Exercise Regular exercise in pregnancy will keep your sugar in control,go for mild walk morning and evening Make yourself engaged in some activities Try maternity yoga, don't get stressed, relaxed and be happy, have a safe and happy pregnancy.. Thank you
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Question: I'm 9 months pregnant n I feel very hungry but after having a small amount of meal ,I feel very uneasy. Is it normal .
Answer: Hello As ur body produces more progesterone it relaxes all the muscles in your body because of This ur digestion process can slow down this produces gas which cause bloating burping and hurt burns. Drink lots of water get exercise like walking stretching etc. Avoid eating heavy meals or spicy meals before dinner so u can avoid hurt burns. Eat alot of high fiber food.
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Question: iam with gestational diabetes at this week the levels are very high iam instructed to take insulin is there any further problem at delivery time if sugar levels are high?and how to control without insulin
Answer: Yes there may b prblms. Even i was on med till 31st week of my pregnency but now my doc has also told me to have insulin. That is the most safest thing..
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