9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have gastric which i always feel full can't eat properly feels like vomiting all the time.please help

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Answer: Hi Digestive system during the second trimester can lead to gas buildup.You can’t change the way your digestive system works during pregnancy, but you can help speed it up by avoiding trigger foods that lead to gas.avoid some foods like carbonated beverages,veggies such as broccoli, cabbage,cauliflower,garlic,spinach,potatoes,beans which you should cut only if you don’t have problems with constipationThe way you eat can also make gas complaint Try eating smaller meals and eating slowly.talk to your doctor about adding over-the-counter (OTC) gas relief products. Don’t take any supplements or herbs without checking with a doctor first
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Question: I feel vomiting all time and can't eat properly.
Answer: Hello dear...Nausea, Vomiting , Tiredness are common in pregnancy, morning sickness usually reduced in the end of first trimester,it can be stopped by following these steps Have breakfast, within a hour of wake-up ,it will reduce morning sickness,and vomiting Always have fruits after meal,it will give you more strength and stamina Drink lemon juice,with salt,sugar it will reduce vomitting You can boil a piece of ginger,in a glass of water,allow it to boil for five minutes,have it,best remedy for vomitting For vomiting,you can drink buttermilk,tender coconut,cumin water ,ajwan water it will helps a lot Avoid oily,spicy food,and packed items too,it will cause indigestion
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Question: I always feel uneasy and having vomiting tendency even can't eat properly what should I do..???
Answer: Hii dis is morning sickness. Follow below routine everyday. It do happens in first trimester and to some mom to be face it in 2 nd trimester as well.  Don't skip breakfast. Eat bland toast if that's all you can keep down. Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of large meals.  Don't go more than 3 to 4 hours without a snack.  Drink plenty of water of herbal tea safe for pregnant women.  Take your prenatal vitamins at night or with a snack rather than in the morning have ginger tea in the morning. take a warm glass of water with 2spoon each added with honey and apple cider vinegar . 
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Question: What to do for constipation? For that can't eat anything.. It always feels like vomiting.. Plz help me
Answer: Dear feeling vomiting is absolutely normal till 1st trimester, no option but you have to bare with this and for constipation include lots of fibre like salads, guava etc. in your diet, have curd or buttermilk and lots of water everyday, you can also try drinking hot milk before sleeping this can also help, if still constipation disturbs then u can ask for some syrup from your gyno
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