31 weeks pregnant mother

I have frequently urine is any problem

Hllo dear u r pregnant wit 31 weeks dear when baby grow uterus also grow its puts pressure on urinary bladder that why urine comes again nd again .nothing to worry abht its common .
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Question: my babe is 15 days old..... he is not passing urine frequently...is tat any problem?
Answer: Yes feed him more frequently.. This shows he is getting dehydrated... And not getting enough milk.. Plz give him some top up milk and then check the urine output.. What about jaundice? If he is still having that yellow colouration then plz do increase intake of milk. Other it will aggregate
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Question: Dr am getting frequently urine today night is there any problem please suggest am getting tension
Answer: this is usually due to the increased pressure on bladder by growing baby and it can also be due to the lightening ( head drop).there is nothing we can do about this so dont stress too much over it. if you feel like something is going on you can talk to your doctor
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Question: I am 18 week pregnant night time frequently coming urine any problem
Answer: Hello dear. The extra blood flow, makes your kidney produce more urine. This urine production peaks at 9 to 16 weeks, then it would settle down gradually. Other reason might be due to the pressure on the  bladder, from the growing uterus. Take care.
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