29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have enterococcus faecalis infection. I've been admitted for 3 days as my dr. Suggested but I'm still so worried about my baby .is this harm to my baby or can cause a premature delivery?

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Answer: Dear It's poop bacteria. Make sure you are drinking lots of water everyday, are wiping front to back( which you already know) , wash your hands a lot. If treated on time it will not do any harm to baby so don't worry about that but do take your medicines properly and regularly..
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    Ranjan Chand61 days ago

    Thankyou so much it means alot..!!

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Question: I am really worried I was treated for uti and fungal infection but still I can see white m terial while urinating.I dnt have any other symptoms can anyone suggest about this. I have heard this cause preterm delivery.
Answer: Might be its your ucus plug , which is normal to come with urine in little qty, so don't worry and still you have doubts to discuss with your doctor.
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Question: I'm 8th month pregnant my last delivery was premature it was as it completed 8month 8 days .but now I'm worried if it will be again the same . how can I care myself for this
Answer: don't take tension. everything will be alright. pray to god and take rest. don't overstress yourself.
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Question: I am 11 week and 5 days pregnant and I have constant fever since few weeks. As I were diagnosed with typhoid, I completed all the medication as Dr. Prescribed. But still I have fever below 100. My dr. Suggested me for the Torch test. I am too much worried about my baby, does it effects my baby growth?
Answer: Hi,no fever should not affect the baby's s growth Unless your fever is due tomorrow some infection than that infection may affect the baby if not attended . But just normal fever or normal viral will not affect the baby so don't worry
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