8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have ectopic pregnancy we found that in my 53rd day in my first scan....now am under doctor's observation...they have give 2 dose of injection to stop the activity of the baby...still I have no pain or bleeding and when we checked beta HCG before 2 days it was 30000 and when we checked same yesterday it was 39000. Doctors said that "medication is working for you..so we still need 48 hours observation"...I am in hospital for past 4 days now again 2 more days...what will be the next procedure..anyone experienced the same or can any help me with ur advise please...

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Question: I am in 8 week now, still could not find heart beat of baby. What procedure should I take ?
Answer: Hi dear generally heatbeat comes in 5 or 6 weeks .but in few cases it comes late as in 7 or 8 weeks .in rare its comes in 9 weeks too so dont worry abht heartbeat till 9 weeks .wait for 8 to 10 days more then again 4 scan .
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Question: I got married 1year back my cycle is regular and when we started planning pregnancy missed 1month period and got negative pregnancy when I consulted doctor she done all the tests when I said we are planning for pregnancy doctor said I have PCO problem I received the treatment for 3months and now all my reports or normal and now I missed the period after 20days I checked that still negitive pregnancy can any one what happening to me
Answer: Dear if pregnancy report s again negative it means its due to pcos so consult to ur dr she ll gives medicine nd period ll come nd take proper treatment nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food take plenty of liquids nd water,avoid preservative food nd drinks too try it dear .
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Question: I am trying for pregnency. I have a doubt that, The fertile period we having intercorce(1-6 days). Rest the coming days is it danger for pregnency when we having intercorce again?
Answer: No dear this is not so . You should not worry to have sex on those day . But make sure you should have sex in ovulation time. These days are 12-17 days of period .
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