27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have ear pain from last two days in my left ear... What should I do??

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Answer: Hello dear If you have an earache during pregnancy, try a home remedy. Home remedies : 1. Apply the hot water compress to the ear or rest your head on the water bottle as you lie on your side. 2. Apply three drops of garlic extract into the ear 3. Apply two drops of olive or mineral oil into the ear twice a day until pain subsides.
Answer: Visit doctor for medicines to avoid ear infection.
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Question: Ma'am I m feeling pain in my feet from last two days what should I do ?
Answer: Hello Dear pain in legs and foot are normal during pregnancy because there are alot of physically and hormonal changes in the body which makes it exert and a little bit more physical exertion can cause legs or body pain.. so dont worry just get some leg massage and do some hot cold compress on your legs. Eat banana that really give a quick relief....Always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting, that will give you alot of relief..
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Question: Hello mam i have pain in my joints from last 3 days... What should i do?
Answer: Hello Dear joint pain are completely normal during pregnancy because of excessive hormonal and physical changes. So dont worry with few home remedies you will get relief. Hot and cold therapy: You can take a hot shower or place electric heating pads on your joints. You can also use an ice pack wrapped in a towel and place it over your joints. Massage: Massaging the problem area can reduce stiffness and facilitate movement. You can also sign up for prenatal massage therapy with a licensed therapist. Herbal supplements: Certain herbal supplements like ginger extract can be used to relieve joint pain. However, you will need to ensure that these do not react with medicines by consulting a doctor and seeking medical advice.
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Question: Hii I have pain in my ear from 2 days what should I do ?
Answer: Hello dear, giving hot compress to the side of the ear that hurts will help get some relief... However please get it checked by the doctor if it gets unbearable..
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