16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have dry skin...so i'm using ponds cold cream..is there any side effects?!

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Answer: No side effects dear. It is absolutely safe to use it. You can also use aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil for dry skin it is very effective for keeping the skin nourished and soft. Hope it helps.
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Answer: It is completely safe to use.
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Answer: Hello dear, Give steam inhalation... Before steam give nasal saline drops each nasal one drop... After inhalation give feeding so that she can clear her/his throat... Feed frequently... During cold feeding is the best medicine ....hope you got the answer if you have any questions you can ask me.. Please do follow me
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Question: I have very dry skin ,and I am using venusian max lotion ...is it okay for me to use this lotion while I am pregnant
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