9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have done ultrasonography today.doctor sir only sac is found no cardiac activity.is anything wrong.

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Answer: Go to the doctor after 2-3 weeks dear. then you may see the cardiac activity or heart beat
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    snigdha sardar952 days ago

    is everything all right..

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Question: Hii am 8 week pregent i have done ' no cardiac activity found but foetal pole seen yolk sac seen what should i do now?
Answer: hi dear! if you are at 8 week then lets wait for 1 more week and then do the test and still no result for heartbeat then i would advice that you should abort the baby dear. as till that time abortion with pills can be done dear. so repeat the scans dear. dont worry be positive dear. take care.
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Question: i have done ultrasonography today.my gestional sac is 55 mms.no heartbeat beat.i am 2 month pregnent.is everything all right..
Answer: hello dear this is normal that many will not have heart beat at your early week around 4-8 weeks..so wait for few more weeks and consult doctor again .. there are chances of heart beat after few weeks so dont worry
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Question: Trance vaginal scan done but no sac found
Answer: you should wait for some weeks. 4 weeks is too early. I have done Trance vaginal scan at 8 weeks 6 days. And reports are normal, heart beat was there.
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