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Question: I have done my test its positive a lil darker 2 lines n oder time it was a very faint line y so

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Answer: Wait for 1more week and test again,
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Question: A faint line in urine HCG test is positive? And what is the reason of this faint line? It should be as darker as control?
Answer: Yes its positive but the exact appearnc of the line shows after completion of 1month 15days from missed period. If the line is still faint on that day immediately go for ultra sound scan whether the fetal pole is visualized or not. If yes just compare the age. According to above date check up your babys age should be 5-6weeks. It will be fine and consult doctor once so that she may suggest some more scans for a clarity on HCG Levels. Consult doctr frst show the kit even. We will get to know the Beta-HCG test.
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Question: Hi mam... I have done hpt and it came very very faint line and after 10 to 15 mins it got darker... So i did so many test if i get faint line today then tomorrow i get very very faint line.. i m feeling weak and shaky also... Am i pregnent
Answer: If you get 1 dark and 1 faint line it means you are also means early pregnancy ...HCG your urine rises if you are pregnant..and it rises for few weeks ..if you do it again after 1 week the line will get darker.. if you go to a doctor..they usually suggest a blood test..blood test is the real check of pregnancy...because it check the count of HCG in your blood .all the best!!
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Question: My test showed a faint positive line and few days later it was darker than before but yet faint why?
Answer: Dear it was faint because you were in early stage of pregnancy. It becomes darker as your pregnancy progresses. So there is nothing to be worried. You can get your beta hcg test done to see the growth of your pregnancy. And also consult the gynae for supplements prescription. You can scan your first prenatal scan if all goes well at around 8th week or 9th week. Hope it helps.
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