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Question: I have done embroy adoption , so will the baby features will match with me, or he will b different..

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Answer: Dear, if it's not your own embryo that is if not related to u or your husband genetically then features may not match with u. However, its not any issue. So relax & enjoy your pregnancy 👍🙂.
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Question: Can we have physical relationship with husband will it benefit the baby
Answer: dear if you have no medical issue then it is safe for you to have sex even at this stage and it is known that if you have sex at the last having sex can trigger labour pains
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Question: I have cough since yesterday.. Will it harm the baby?? Can anyone help me out plz??
Answer: It was light caugh means baby will safe onky. But the range of the caugh will increased you will must consult the doctor. In this situation you have to take home remidies
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Question: Which week dr advice for sonography for due date? And in this sonography due date will same or different from upto already done sonography?
Answer: Due dates are same in all Sonography. For exact date u go through pv test done by gynecologist.
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