Few days old baby

Question: I have doing c section on 26th dec but still not coming breast milk..what i have to do

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Answer: hi dear ! dont worry normally after c section breastmilk comes out between 2-6 days after delivery till then put the baby to breast as soon as possible and breastfeed very often to stimulate milk production.
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Question: i have delivered a baby girl through c section on 8 july but yet the breast milk is not coming...what to do...baby weight is 3 kg
Answer: Hi dear, Consult your doctor to assess further and treat the condition. You can also try having oats, garlic, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Generally in some others it takes 4-5 days for the milk to come. Your baby's weight is fine.
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Question: I had c section delivery last week...but milk is still not coming. Pls suggest something
Answer: Post c section it might take a few days for the milk flow to set in... You can massage your breasts and use a hot water bag over your breasts before feeding your baby as this will help ease milk flow....
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Question: Hi, i am about to complete 39 weeks on 13th dec, but still there is no breast milk coming. Is that fine? When does the milk start coming?
Answer: Hello dear... breast leakage is common in pregnancy,but not every women will experience ,some may get milk production after delivery too,both are normal,so dont get worried ‌
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