Few days old baby

Question: I have delivered on oct 15 from that i m having constipatipn problem even though i used smuth syrup im facing the same problem

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Answer: Hi constipation s a common problem afret delivery so take warm milk before bed time too, take papaya regularly ,drink plenty of water. Around 10 glasses nd 3to 4 ltr liquids a day is recommended. advised to go 4 walk nd high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains nd prune juice s also helpful. Try it
Answer: Include lots of fiber in your diet . If you are taking iron supplements it also cause constipation. Jus
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Answer: Changing season and improper food can lead to fever and in digestion so make sure that you are not taking any food that is going to increase your fever like fruits rice curd etc
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Question: I am 22week pregnancy nd I have low placenta,grade0. I bleed . Now I m on full best rest. Is there anyone who z facing the same pblm.
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