Few days old baby

Question: I have delivered my little angle on 5th oct through c-section......please tell me how much time it will take to lead normal life and for how many days i should avoid bathing??

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Answer: Hi dear, congrats for the arrival if angel Initially you will need a good rest for 6 weeks.and after that you can start with your activities at a slow pace And also you can start bathing.why should you avoid bathing. If you don't have to wet the stiches you can keep plastic on the stiches and take bath
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Question: I have got my periods on jan 14,2018 that is today I delivered through c section on Oct 16 2017 my stomach is paining is the flow will b heavy or normal how many days will it b last
Answer: hello dear after delivery periods become irregular for some months and blood flow can be heavy or low. it should be fine within one week. if you will not feel ok then consult with gyny.
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Question: I delivered baby through c -section on sep 12th still i m having periods how many days it will take to be finished.....
Answer: It may continue 6 weeks. It's not a period it's post delivery bleeding.
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Question: I delivered through c section..how can I avoid pregnancy...
Answer: Using birth control ( copper T, vaccine, tablets)
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