6 months old baby

Question: I have delivered 6month back a baby with c sec but last month I have period in very little amount only 1 day after that this month I didn't get till now..what can I do

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Answer: There are several reasons of irregular periods or less period and bleeding after delivery. It should not be cause for worry, unless there are any complication involved. Reasons of irregular period--- Breastfeeding. Hormonal imbalance. Weight gain or loss. Reduced or no ovulation. Unhealthy diet or poor nutrients. Stress.
Answer: It's not the matter of worry dear...... it's very common after delivering ..... 've nutrition food
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Question: Last month 20th i get period this month till i didn't get period
Answer: Dear if it has been 2 months since you are misisng ur period please take a home pregnancy test to confirm if it is pregnancy. If it is not pregnancy then atleast you can see a doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: I hav c section on 23sept my period continued till dec and after that i didn't get period till now, m breastfeeding my child? Is that fine
Answer: It can be up to a year before you have ur regular period, as long as you're breastfeeding round the clock.
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Question: Hiii, my last period was oct 24th till now i didn't get period this my 32 nd day
Answer: Hello ma ...once check in perga news ma..its available in medical store to confirm pergency..if u got two lines then ur pergent...check it once ma
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Question: Hi iam yashoda my prlm i get period last month 13th and till i didn't get period but now get little bit stomach pain so what i do
Answer: Dear it has already been 7 days since you have missed your periods. It could be a pregnancy and hence the mild stomach pain. Please do a home pregnancy test tomorrow morning with first urine to confirm it. Also please note that in pregnancy the uterus starts expanding and hence that may cause mild pain or period like cramps or even the heavyness which is considered normal. Hope it helps.
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