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Question: I have delivered a baby girl on 18th feb. It was c section. Due to operation i am not able to sit properly and feed the baby. Also my breadts are very hard and very paining. Kindly tell me what should i do

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Answer: Hi dear first of all congratulations fr the baby, since it has been only three days for you that's why you are facing this issue please give it some time it is going to go away and that till the time your study and Stable to hold your baby will you need support you need to ask someone for help it can be your husband your mother your mother in law or anyone who is available at home if you are already back home because in case of C section usually you get a discharge on the 5th day of your delivery the way I had in the hospital the nurses help you to feed the baby by holding it in front of your breast but if you are if you are back home then you need to ask for support you need to set Street with the support at your back you can just expand your leg towards you can keep a pillow or two if needed on your lap and make the baby lie that and then feed the baby it will be much more easier for you to feed the baby please do not directly hold the baby because it will affect your stitches so please be careful and do not sit without a back support.. Hugs Momma you are going to be fine soon!
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Question: delivered baby girl through C-section on 18th May . thnx to healofy .....
Answer: Hi dear many many congratulations for birth of sweet little princess, god bless both of you 😊
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Question: Hi..i delivered before a weak through c-section and my stomach is paining a lot..i cannot twist also..i feel very difficult to feed my baby..as i need to sit and feed..any suggestions
Answer: Hi dear. Mine was the same c section. About a two week before. I suffered from severe pain till 5- 7 days and that was due to the high hopital bed i guess. Dont worry about the pain it wil go away Make sure you know how to get up and get down from bed. If not than ask ur nurse to help u with Never get directly to sleep or get up Do it by side ways. Regarding feeding my mommy helped me with carrying the baby and i fed him by sleeping position for 3 days. After my stiches were cut down i used to sit but not much only for feeding baby. Get help from near ones . It will help in fast recovery
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Question: I have my c section on 25th Feb and I can't feed properly plz answer me how to feed correctly.
Answer: if you are not able to see properly remember to massage the breast each time before feeding to the baby you should also take warm water shower and while taking shower let the warm water flow down the breast and you should massage the breast you can also use the electric pump is just before feeding the baby which will also help if nothing helps then you should Express the milk and feet through the feeder observed the spoon because feeding breast milk is very important for the growth and development of the baby
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