1 months old baby

Question: I have 45 days old girl baby. I had a c section and my tummy looks like I'm 5 to 6 months pregnant again. what is the solution for reducing this tummy???

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Answer: It's too early to think about weight loss due to varied reasons. First of all your stitches need minim of 3 months and maximum of 6months to heal. Any form of exercise other than walking and stretching is not recommended before that. Your uterus will take minimum of 10 weeks to shrink to its original size, once it goes back to its size you ll see major difference in your tummy. Breastfeeding is major calorie burner so keep feeding your baby to reduce weight. Do not limit your diet as it's vital for your recovery and your baby's growth. Eat everything in moderation. Try to have meals in small quantity at every 2hours, this will keep you full and will also increase your metabolism.
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Question: I had a c section with a baby girl baby is 5 month old I have back pain what is the solution for this??
Answer: Hello dear... Back pain after delivery happens mainly due to the physical and harmonal changes happens during pregnancy, it is normal, but it is just a temporary phase, follow these steps it might be helpful for you... Make a practice of sitting comfortable, you can place pillow behind your back will help a lot You can do oil massage weekly twice, or you can apply any pain relieving ointment, and take warm water bath, it will be helpful You can feed your baby in comfortable position keeping an pillow behind, sometime this may also cause pain If you gained more weight or your overweight, try to concentrate on diet, and start loosing your weight Have an healthy diet with lot of fruits and veggies, will help a lot You can also consult doctor or physiotherapist, they will guide you some exercise for reducing the pain
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Question: I had delivered my baby through c section. My baby is 2 months old now. What all exercises can i start now ? My tummy still looks like as if am 5 or 6 months pregnant.
Answer: it is very normal for your tummy to look like a you are still pregnant Vikas it has been only couple of months that you have delivered your baby and your baby is only 2 months old now it is not allowed or suggested to you to do any kind of exercise or diet because the nutrition that your baby is equal to take it from your body through breast milk might get affected due to dieting and other than back exercise is not allowed because your decision is still not recovered yes from the outer space it it will look like it has healed completely but the inner stitches takes a lot of time to him and only after 6 months of your delivery you are allowed to exercise .. and for now you need to take care of yourself and the babies health and breastfeeding .. Hope this helps!
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Question: C section delivery.. How to reduce Post belly fat. It's looks like I'm pregnant again
Answer: Hi Dear, Due to extra weight gain during pregnancy, after delivery also the belly looks like pregnant. We can reduce this zbd will become slim. Walking regularly for 1 hour. Drink lot of water. You can start using gym. Massage your belly with coconut oil or mustard oil. Di yoga asanas for fat belly.
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