2 months old baby

Question: I have 54 days old boy baby.... can I have coconut water???????

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Answer: Yes but sometimes having cold thing could cause you cold and cough ,so take it in afternoon not in evening
Answer: Yes u can
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Question: Can i give coconut water to my 8th baby boy
Answer: Hi, Yes, you can gv as it's good and safe.. U can ads.it in rice, puree and mashed.food...u can also give a cup which are rich in nutrients...also.u can take advice from your pediatrician...take care☺👍
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Question: May i give water to my 54 days old baby?
Answer: Hello! Dont give water to your baby before 6 months..at this stage breastmilk is suffcient for baby to stay healthy.water may decrease his appetite and leave her malnourished.
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Question: Can I massage my 54 days old baby a5 night using coconut oil?
Answer: Yes dear you can massage for baby daily with coconut oil or any other oil of your choice..
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