1 months old baby

Question: Haii I have 20 days of baby. After giving milk to baby I am getting sever pain on my nipple and my skin on nipple got injured it was paining heavily please help me

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Answer: U have to maintain proper position while latching. Otherwise it may hurt so much. The baby mouth should seal entire area around the nipple. After feeding just apply your breast milk on the nipple and around it. So it give some relief
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    Shibani Sahu30 days ago

    It is due to lots of milk which baby can't suck.Ur Brest may be getting hard n tight..if it happens; remove ur breast milk u get some relief

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Question: Hi... My baby is 5 days old and when feeding my nipple in one of my breast got cracked and injured.. Getting pain while feeding. As of now I'm expressing milk and feeding baby. Please help me
Answer: Pain in nipples is normal dear. As of now you can use nipcare cream. Apply it on injured nipples but be sure to remove the cream from nipples before feeding
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Question: My baby is 13 days old...my nipple got cracked ..when i go to feed its paining heavily ...plz tel me the solution
Answer: hi dear! -Breastfeed from the uninjured (or less injured) side first. Baby will tend to latch more gently on the second side offered. -The initial latch-on tends to hurt the worst – application of ice right before latching can help to numb the area. -Experiment with different breastfeeding positions to determine which is most comfortable. -If breastfeeding is too painful, it is very important to express milk from the injured side to reduce the risk of mastitis and to maintain supply. If pumping is too painful, try hand expression. after you are done with the breastfeeding , try to soak your nipple in a salt water for not more than a minute. take half teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and then pat it with a dry towel. and then rinse it with normal water is that the salt wont go into your baby's mouth while breastfeeding. and also after this salt water rinse try to put a little milk over the nipple . or vaseline can also work. but before your baby latches for the next feed wash it with water. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: hi guys I got girl baby on 22 march from past one week I got cracked in my Nipple and getting blood from that now it become too much of pain and skin become red can anyone please suggest me any treatment am unable to feed my baby now past 3 days am not feeding to my baby please tell me something
Answer: hello dear this is normal.. every feeding mother faces this.. you can use nipple shield while feeding..and also express the milk and allow your breasts for fresh air.. drink plenty of water, use supportive bra or padded bra for feeding when you have cracked nipples.. this take little time to recover.. or else you consult your doctor.. he might suggest you some cream or gel to apply on to it
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