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Question: I have 21 days gap between period.Any problem?

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Answer: Hi Dear! 21 days cycle is normal and doesnt cause any issue in pregnancy, in 21 days the cycld is short and you ovulate right after your periods because generally ovulation happens 12-16 days before your next period hence its imp fr you to knw If you r planning fr pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 94 days old son suffering constipation problem..he takes 4 days gap between tools.
Answer: Babies bowel movement pattern changes a lot,after 4 days look for the sign of hard stools,straining. otherwise it's quite normal for babies .give due consideration for your diet also avoid spicy food ,include fibre rich food .u can also try bicycling ur babies feet .a bit of exercise can also work during this condition
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Question: Hello mam,i have a many hours gap each between every baby feeding?
Answer: Jb aapka baby rota h tb or 2 hours ke gap ke baad aap feeding kra skte ho.
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Question: Soon after my delivary (tge very next month i got period.Any problem?.reason?
Answer: Hi dear there is No such problem. As every pregnancy is different. U can't compare one new Mom to other. Few don't get period till 6 months the time u r breastfeeding ur baby. But fed mom do gey period soon after delivery also.
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