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Question: i have cyst in my right ovary,is there any problem for pregnancy??

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Answer: A:Having a corpus luteum cyst in early pregnancy is a normal physiological finding. There is absolutely nothing to worry about this cyst. It is one of the pregnancy changes in the ovary and has a significant role in helping the pregnancy to grow until the placenta takes over this function. This cyst spontaneously resolves (disappears) later in pregnancy. It does not need any treatment. It is (obviously) reassuring to note that the fetus appeared normal for its (gestational) age. The minimal subchorionic bleed that was noted on the scan is not uncommon to find in early pregnancy. Over 90% of women with this finding, in the presence of normal fetal heart rate go on to have a normal uncomplicated pregnancy. This is true even if you get slight bleeding in early pregnancy.
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Question: I have cyst in right ovary... Will it cause any problem in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. While most cysts do not causesymptoms, if a cyst ruptures you may feel sudden pain and discomfort. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and you are pregnant , it's important to know that ovarian cysts don't typically cause problems with fertility or with pregnancy. If there is any complication then you gynae will be letting you know. Hope it helps.
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Question: There is cyst in my right ovary... i am trying to pregnancy ....please tell me because of cyst is there any problem?
Answer: Hi... Infertility, or the inability to conceive a pregnancy, is usually diagnosed after a couple has been unable to get pregnant after a 12-month period. ... Ovarian cysts that contain endometriosis may be associated with infertility. Monitoring a normal appearing ovarian cyst until it resolves will not cause infertility.
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Question: I am 3 month pregnant and also have cyst in right ovary...is their any harm for baby having cyst
Answer: Hi, Though I do not want to make you afraid, it is clear that it is a little delicate situation and needs regular gynecological observation definitely and cautious approach as suggested by the doctor...but directly do not decide anything for yourself right now please....
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