36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have cramp in my right leg nd feel pressure for some time on private oart whts tht mean

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Answer: Legs pain/ cramps is quite normal in pregnancy because big belly and gained weight is a main reason for this. stretching is  useful for the pain /cramp. gentle massage also give relief. warm oil and massage gently. apply hot water bottle over your legs. take warm water bath with little salt  put your legs in warm water with little salt. Now your baby is in full growth so baby is putting pressure on your vagina and preparing for birth.
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Question: M 22 week pregnant nd I hv pain in my right foot nd also swelling whts d remedy for dis?
Answer: The reason may be the urine not get discharge completely so the side effects is the leg swelling and foot swelling better you should walk more and drink more water it helps to clean the unwanted water from the body. and you can have radish soup along with jeera and pepper this also helps a lot to reduce the foot pain in pregnancy time without any side effects
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Question: I m 21 weeks pregnant.i have feel pain in my right leg in back side and some time I feel pain in under thighs.is it normal or not?
Answer: Hi dear hope u r having wonderful Pregnancy. Yes it sometimes happens due to increasing body weight. Do make sure to have calcium and iron tablet. Also soak ur legs in warm water. U can do warm compress as well dear. Do keeps on changing body posture. Take care.
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Question: I feel pressure on my private part and some light pain on abdominal. Please tell me why
Answer: It is nothing to worry. It is mainly due to the growing uterus which stretches the muscles and ligaments. Try go drink plenty of water, sleep on sides and take brisk walk.
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