10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have constipation since last three days, give advice please

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Answer: Eat a high-fibre diet that contains lots of wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread and fruit and vegetables. This will provide you with roughage to aid your digestion. You should also drink at least 1.5 litres (2.6 pints) of water every day. Don’t rely on taking bran to avoid constipation, unless you also drink a lot more fluids. Without extra water, bran will bulk up your poo, making it hard and less able to pass along your intestines. Large amounts of bran may also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients from your food.  Staying active and exercising will help to prevent constipation. Walking, swimming or aquanatal classes, gentle cycling on an exercise bike, or pregnancy exercise classes can all help.  Practising yoga positions can keep constipation at bay, and Pilates is particularly helpful. These exercises tone your inner tummy muscles, which help to keep your bowels moving.  Cut out drinks that make you wee more often, such astea, coffee, and cola. These diuretics may dehydrate you and make your constipation worse.
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    Answer: Hello! During pregnancy the blood vessels of the nose expands. So due to the high pressure in the blood the vessels ruptures and bleeding happens. There is nothing to worry as this is common during pregnancy. You can apply ice pack for some relief. But make sure to inform the doctor if the bleeding is too much. Take care
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    Question: I have constipation for last 3 days please give some remedies
    Answer: Constipation is common in pregnancy. Have warm water with lemon and honey, give overnight soaked raisins in the morning, have prunes, and high fibre diet ,brisk walk and having plenty of water.
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