37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have completed 36 wks and 4 days..i had a doppler scan and blood test today..scan report looks normal but the TSH in blood report shows 4.8..which is slightly high.In the earlier tests, TSH was in normal range and I am not under medication for the thyroid problem..Can someone tell me the cause for this sudden rise of TSH and whether it will cause any issues...because i only have few wks left for delivery

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Answer: Dont knw why its high....but its not gud for ur baby....do consult your doctor..
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Question: Hello mam due to sudden wait gain i i got blood tests done and I got the result as iam having thyroid with TSH levels in the range of 10.36 and now im under medication for thyroid can i plan for pregnancy or else i have to wait
Answer: hi dear, the chances of getting pregnant during thyroid treatment is less. I will suggest you to first complete your treatment and then you try to conceive. You can consult a gynecologist and take hormonal medicines that help to conceive.
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Question: Last friday i go for doppler scan and the report was umblical cord cyst but normal doppler indices plz tell me about cyst
Answer: Hi dear, Minor cysts are quite common in pregnancy but if the cysts are progressive then it could block the blood flow to growing baby.so keep a follow up scan.i am glad that Doppler indices are normal.
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Question: I am 13 week pregnant. Done blood tests and all other tests. All are normal except TSH it is low. Then done ft3 and ft4 tests. They are in normal range. Is there any problem. Also as i read HCG in pregnancy is high which acts like TSH is also related to sex of baby.
Answer: U shud consult thyroid dr....coz til delivery it shud b in normal values
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