35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have completed 35 weeks and yesterday my report showed AFI -21. What does it indicate ? Is it something to worry about ?

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Answer: AFI means amniotic fluid index. That is the fluid which protects the baby inside the womb. To find out what's going on, your practitioner will send you for an an ultrasound scan. The sonographer will measure the largest pockets of amniotic fluid in four different sections of your uterus and add them together to see where you rate on the (AFI). A normal measure for the third trimester is between 5 and 25 centimeters (cm). A total of less than 5 cm is considered low. So everything is perfect and nothing to worry .
Answer: Hii dear,aminotic fluid is more..take bed rest.nothng to worry..dnt do any house hold work.
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Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant and i saw a drop of blood yesterday on my panty...is it something to worry about
Answer: Yes dear at this stage a drop of blood could be a sign of preterm labor. I would suggest please consult doctor as soon as possible. Hope it helps.
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Question: My T 21 report is 1:10 00 ansd T 18-13 report is 1: 11 129, what does it indicate and what is low risk mean
Answer: It means only 1 chance in 1000 cases that baby might have down syndrome. Low risk means, there are less chance that baby have the disorder which is a good news. Don't worry dear.
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Question: I got my nt scan report and it says placenta is reaching os but not covering it, wat does this mean, is it something to worry about
Answer: It is the case of low lying placenta, in these cases usually there are chances of bleeding but don't worry you need to take extra precautions Take bed rest with leg end raised Avoid sexual intercourse for any physical exertion Avoid excessive bending or lifting heavy objects Continue your progesterone tablets If you notice vaginal bleeding you should consult your doctor immediately. Repeat the scan to see the status of placenta
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