19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have completed 4 month of pregnancy. .Can I highlight my hairs?

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Answer: strong chemical odour or fumes r not good for t baby. if it touches ur skin, chances r that it can seep through. y t hurry, just wait for few more months for any chemical treatment on urself.
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    savita sao1446 days ago

    OK thanx

Answer: u can but dont go for high chemical based
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    savita sao1446 days ago

    OK thanks.

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Question: Salam may we highlight hairs during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, Any hair colour with chemical dye should be avoided during pregnancy.most of the chimicals in the color can be absorbed by the scalp skin and get mixed with blood stream.highlighters are alao chemical basef and it is better to avoid it.you can color hair using natural henna powder.though henna can give you cold if applied during cold weather,so you better decide to apply depending on the weather.
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