39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have completed 9 months.... Is there any symptoms to know pre l labour pain......

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Answer: hi dear , there are few pre labor symptoms like a continuous pain in thighs and back.Tight tummy and frequent cramping in pelvic region, loose motion etc. I hope information in help you.
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Question: is there any pre- labour pain symptoms before 2-3 days of delivery..??
Answer: Hi soon to be mom, here are the few pre labour signs try to observe any changes during this time. Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain, with a pre-menstrual feeling and cramps. Painful contractions or tightenings that may be irregular in strength and frequency, and may stop and start. Broken waters. Your membranes may rupture with a gush or a trickle of amniotic fluid. Although this can happen long before labour starts, you should still call your maternity unit to let them know. A brownish or blood-tinged mucus discharge (bloody show). If you pass the mucus plugthat blocks the cervix, labour could start soon, or in a few days. It's a sign that things are moving along. An upset tummy or loose bowels. A period of feeling emotional, excited or moody. You may feel restless, anxious or impatient. Disrupted sleep. Waiting to hear good news!!
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Question: By today, have completed 9 months fully still didn't get any symptoms to get labour what should i do
Answer: Hi dear firstly make sure u r monitoring ur baby movement. Also baby can take birth even till 42 week so don't worry much. Do visit ur doctor if needed. Eat pine apple pApaya and castor oil if ur allows for the same. Stay calm and relaxed.
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Question: Hlo doctor, i hv completed 9 months, but still there is no labour symptoms who can i induce labour pain ?
Answer: Hi dear Exact due date is 40 weeks from your lmp...if you are in 40 weeks due do consult your gyanocologist...you should do anything to induce labor without doctors support...
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