20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i have cold, nosebleed and tooth ache... any remedy!

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Answer: Teeth pain remedy - Gargle with salt hot water. dub cotton piece in clove oil and put it on tooth - damp a clean cloth in hot water and put on tooth and press it.
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Question: I have decayed tooth and it's paining.. Any remedy??
Answer: Dear temporary you can use clove oil to get relief from the pain but it's better to Consult doctor as soon as possible. You can go for tooth extraction for root canal treatment during second trimester. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am having tooth ache any home remedy for this??
Answer: Keep clove on the teeth or apply tooth paste. But better to consult dentist because the tooth pain can get worse during pregnancy
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Question: How to reduce tooth ache?? Any remedy
Answer: The most common reason for tooth ache during pregnancy is due to the harmonal changes. Few of the home remedies are: Warm Water Rinse  Compression Antiseptic: A number of over-the-counter antiseptics can numb the gums and provide temporary pain relief.  You’ll have to contact your doctor before taking over the counter antiseptics.
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